Manless Ultra Camouflage
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Manless Ultra Camouflage

MUC4933 - $59.00

If you are
looking for a chastity device that has a splash of whimsy added into the cruel
and unusual punishment of locking your cock up, then the Manless Ultra Camouflage
is the perfect addition to your toy box. Any guy that has a military or hunting
fetish will absolutely love having their cock locked up in something that is
camouflaged, and now is your chance. has done everything possible
to make sure guys are getting exactly what they want, and this cock cage is no
different. More and more guys are starting to turn towards the more unique
options out there and the camouflage design is definitely at the top of that

  • Item #: MUC4933

Manless Ultra Camouflage

Price: $59.00
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