Manless Ultra Curve
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Manless Ultra Curve

MUC5872 - $59.00

Not all cock
cages require you to stuff your large cock into something small. The Manless
Ultra Curve design allows you to show off the size of your cock without giving
anyone the wrong impression. Nothing is better than being able to enjoy your
chastity device while still maintaining that beautiful feeling of having a real
cock in your pants. Being one of the most sought after designs on
makes this the perfect gift for your partner or yourself when you are looking
to take your chastity to the next level of awareness.



Manless Ultra Curve for the Fit You

I am one of
those guys that is constantly looking for the right size of chastity device to
put my overly large cock into. I have had such a hard time finding the perfect
sizes that I almost gave up on it altogether. But then I found the Manless
Ultra Curve and knew instantly that I was going to have the perfect fit no
matter what. This is, by far, the best design ever created for a chastity
device to hold a larger cock, and I am truly thankful that I was able to find

Having a
larger cock is one of those things that can become a problem when looking for
certain things in the sexual fetish arena. I have tried many different kinds of
fetishes, but nothing seemed to fit what I was feeling on the inside until I
started reading up on the world of male chastity devices. I thought it would be
something that I would have to try at least once in my life and went about
trying to find the right one for my cock. Unfortunately, that isn't as easy as
some guys might think when you have a cock the size of mine.

The Manless
Ultra Curve chastity device allows my cock to sit inside of it comfortably enough
and still keeps me from getting an erection. Other designs were way too small
for my cock and I always ended up with marks left from the chastity cage forced
into the skin of my cock. That isn't as much fun as some guys might think it
sounds and, after a while, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue to hurt myself
in this manner. But it didn’t stop me from at least looking for other devices
that I could wear in the hopes that one of them would fit me.

Then I came
across the Manless Ultra Curve and could tell just by looking at the picture of
it that this was going to be the chastity device for me. Once I was able to put
it on, I found that the room inside this particular device was absolutely
perfect, and I never looked back.

  • Item #: MUC5872

Manless Ultra Curve

Price: $59.00
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