Manless Ultra
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Manless Ultra

MU9355 - $59.00

Do you want
to experience the thrill of male chastity but you aren't too fond of bright
colors or all those metal cages out there that look a bit too hardcore for you?
Well, the Manless Ultra is the option you should be looking into then. This
clear plastic chastity device gives you a ton of adjustable parts so that you
can find the perfect fitting for you and your cock, no matter what size you
might be, while maintaining the illusion of invisibility that you desperately
want. This is the device that will change your mind when it comes to the
pleasures of the flesh and show you that there are many different ways that you
can experience sexual situations without using your cock every single time.



Manless Ultra for the Sophisticate

Some guys
love the feeling of hard cold metal suppressing their cocks, along with their
urges to use them. Some guys love flashy colors and the wild designs of
chastity devices that can blow your mind. But there are others still that want
something a little more private and not quite as flashy. Something that fits
well and does the job it’s intended to do while keeping a relatively low
profile is where the Manless Ultra comes in. This clear plastic design will
stay hidden no matter what you are doing and isn’t going to bring any unneeded
attention to you if someone does accidently see it.

You can
guarantee that there are guys out there right now thinking that wearing a
chastity device is going to be noticed by people no matter what it looks like.
That may be true for most devices on the market, but there are some devices
that are so low profile that the only way you are going to notice someone
wearing them is by getting on your knees in front of them while they are naked
or grabbing their crotch while they walk past you on the street.

The clear
design of the Manless Ultra means that it’s going to be rather difficult to see
even if that guy is walking around in front of you naked. The low profile means
that you aren't going to have any reason for someone to grab your crotch when
you walk by, either. This is about as close to wearing an invisible male
chastity cage as you can get, and you are going to absolutely love it. This is
for the more discerning man about town that wants to enjoy his control over his
cock without carrying around a billboard that tells everyone there is a cage
locked over his cock in his pants. Are you that man?






  • Item #: MU9355

Manless Ultra

Price: $59.00
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