Manless Ultra Red Devil
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Manless Ultra Red Devil

MURD4899 - $59.00

Like all the
other Manless Ultra chastity devices on the market, the Red Devil will perform
its task with efficiency and control. The same awe inspiring designs that you
have come to expect from the Manless Ultra systems is packaged in a fiery hot
red design that will have you gasping for air as soon as you lock it in place.
This is one hot little number that will keep your cock under control no matter
where you are wearing it or for how long you might have it on. When it comes to
chastity done right, the Red Devil makes it a sin not to use it on a regular


Manless Ultra Red Devil Creates its
Own Heat

There is
nothing sexier than walking into a room wearing the Red Devil and having your
partner’s mouth drop open in awe. The timeless design of this device will have
you thinking about all the ways that you can possibly be teased while wearing
it, and the comfort will make you wonder why you haven’t been wearing it a lot
sooner than you have. This is one of those designs that leaves you questioning
your very manhood at times, but in a very good way. You have to try this one
out so that you can understand what it means to wear a chastity device for long
periods of time.

Any guy that
is looking to boost their male chastity play with a splash of color could do
with the Red Devil around their cock. I have been wearing mine for quite a
while now and couldn’t think of another device that I have tried on that fits
as perfectly and looks as good while it’s on than this one. I only wish that I
could have gone back in time and told myself to purchase this design as my
first ever chastity device instead of waiting so long to try it out.

I have seen quite a few designs that supposedly
look just like the Red Devil online, but none of them have the heat and passion
poured into their creation that this design has. You aren't going to be the
same man when you start wearing this male chastity device; that is for sure.
Not only that but your partner is going to look at you completely different
every time they see you wearing it.

That is
always a good thing to have happen to you as well. Just think of all the fun
you and your partner can have wearing something this sinfully hot in the
bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter.


  • Item #: MURD4899

Manless Ultra Red Devil

Price: $59.00
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