Manless Ultra Sissy Micro Cage
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Manless Ultra Sissy Micro Cage

MUSM2834 - $55.00

slaves out there have been bothered by the complexity and room that some of the
chastity cages have inside them. Their owners have had problems with this as
well since the smaller penis tends to have either too much room or simply
escapes whenever possible. But now the Manless Ultra Sissy Micro Cage is here
to take control back. There is no way that you are going to be able to get
erection inside this little monster since the shaft is so much smaller than the
normal designs. You can try, but you will not succeed no matter how small your
cock happens to be. Now your owner will be able to keep you in line while your
cock suffers inside.


Manless Ultra Sissy Micro Cage to
Keep Tiny Pricks in Line

If you are
the type of person that wants to make sure your chastity slaves stay under your
command, then you might want to take a closer look at the Manless Ultra Sissy
Micro Cage to see what kind of benefits it can give to you. These micro cages
are specifically designed to keep smaller cocks inside them without giving them
too much room to move around in. Any guy that has a smaller cock and wears a
chastity device knows how difficult it is to wear one that is too big, and the
micro takes care of that in a heartbeat.

Now your
chastity slave can do what they are meant to do without worrying about their
tiny little pricks slipping free and ruining the moment. Of course, you will
still have to keep an eye on them like you normally would, but the cage is
small enough that there aren't going to be any accidents to worry about. In
fact, when smaller penises are in traditional devices, they still have a tendency
to get an erection without the painful results that an average sized penis
would experience. Just make sure you have a smaller cock before you try to
stuff an average sized one into something like this.

chastity slave is meant to please you in any way you see fit, but having them
uncomfortable in their device is not something you want to have happen. You
want to make sure that what they are wearing is going to give them as much
comfort as possible or all of their attention is going to be about how
uncomfortable they are instead of how pleased you are. Keep them in line and on
task by forcing them into the Manless Ultra Sissy Micro Cage and you won't have
to worry about their minds drifting onto such trivial things as their comfort
ever again.


  • Item #: MUSM2834

Manless Ultra Sissy Micro Cage

Price: $55.00
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