Manless Ultra Woody
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Manless Ultra Woody

MUW5893 - $59.00

The Manless
Ultra line is one of the most recognized and sold lines of male chastity
devices to date. Any man that wants to experience male chastity will be looking
for something that is easy to use and fits no matter what his cock size might
be. The Manless Ultra Woody device comes as a complete kit that offers multiple
rings so that you can get the best fit regardless of your size. Plus the
simulated wood finish makes this the perfect option for all those guys that
suffer from the “morning wood” scenario and wants to take it under control with



Manless Ultra Woody for Fun and

If you have
a love for nature and all things outdoors, then you might want to take a peek
at the Manless Ultra Woody chastity device. The natural looking wood design of
this chastity device gives you a manlier feel to your chosen lifestyle while
still maintaining the inability to get an erection. Sure, it may look a bit
funny to you at first, but that will all change when you finally get yourself
strapped into it for the first time. Once you do get it on, you will start remembering
all the funny “wood” jokes that you could possibly think of and enjoy every
single second of it.

The Manless
Ultra Woody is the perfect addition to your male chastity collection and will
keep you under control the entire time you are wearing it. There are few things
in life that are as comfortable as being able to keep your erections in check, but
this device will do that with flying colors. You just have to be prepared for
what you are going to feel like while you are wearing something like this. If
you have ever wanted to try out a chastity device for the first time, this
would be the perfect one to start out with.

It doesn’t
matter if you are looking for a novelty item to play around with or if you are
looking for something that you can wear for months at a time, the Manless Ultra
Woody will give you all the comfort you need for just such a task. You will
never know if you can wear one of these devices for long periods of time until
you actually try one on, and once you get this particular device on, you will
never want to take it off again. That is the bonus that you are going to be
getting from something like this.

  • Item #: MUW5893

Manless Ultra Woody

Price: $59.00
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