Minute Man
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Minute Man MM2394 $59.00

The Minute Man male chastity cock cage is the ideal micro cage for the true connoisseur of chastity devices. Top quality stainless steel construction in a device that is so small and so secure there, it will blow your mind. along with leaving no possibility of getting an erection or blowing a load. The Minute Man will leave you feeling both suave and totally secure. No one will be handling that cock any time soon as long as the Minute Man has a hold of it. The Minute Man is part of the Koala exclusive “Handmade Series” of male chastity gear. At 3/4”, this design offers a clit size bulge for the man who craves having one. If no sex is your preferred state or maybe just the state, you find yourself in this is a great cage to fulfill your sexless desires.


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  • Item #: MM2394

Minute Man

Price: $59.00
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