Mistress Fury
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Mistress Fury



From our exclusive "Handmade Series"



Mistress Fury is the second smallest cage in our new Handmade Series line of male chastity cock cages which are, in fact, the world’s smallest male chastity cock cages. In addition, they are perfect for men who crave the smallest possible containment vessels for their penises. Escape proof security in an incredibly high quality hand made cage that is designed to stun both the wearer and anyone viewing your penis in a cage that is almost inconceivably small.  The Mistress Fury is made of stainless steel and available in a choice of three cock ring sizes.


Small 1.5” Cock Ring

Medium 2.00” Cock Ring

Large 3.00” Cock Ring

  • Item #: MF7934

Mistress Fury

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