Nano Monster
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Nano Monster NM4222 $59.00

Could it be that something this small can be called a monster? The answer is yes, when it comes to our Nano Line of male chastity cages. I would venture to say that most people will assume that the Nano Monster would be the smallest cock cage they ever laid eyes on. That is until they spot the rest of the Nano Line. The Nano Monster is the first in our upcoming line of new ultra micro cock cages for men who enjoy the ultimate in a quality micro cock cage. Designed for years of use and made of top quality stainless steel, it is easy to clean and virtually escape proof. We understand and know personally how big a turn-on it is to wear a cage so small, even when that means there is no possible way to have an erection. Just under 1”L X 1.25”W


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  • Item #: NM4222

Nano Monster

Price: $59.00
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