Naughty Boy Ass Lock
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Let’s get the big question out of the way. Where have you seen Ass Locks like this one for hundreds of dollars more than ours?  That is an interesting question since they are all made in the same part of the world and by the same companies. The first thing I can tell you is when metal adult products are sold through distributors, there are many companies marking the products up. Our units are not from distributors. They are directly from the manufacturers, which allows us to sell our metal products for much less money while still offering amazing quality. I personally love playing with metal adult toys and have for a long time. When I used to order them for my own use from the big toy companies, they would cost me a fortune. We carry these products because we love playing with them and we do not need to make huge mark ups on them.  Many and Male Chastity Store customers love our metal adult toys, and we are happy to provide them at very fair prices.

The Naughty Boy Ass Lock is another more advanced device for hardcore ass fetish men and women. It is a very old design which dates back to the middle ages. It goes without saying that this is a very effective anal sex control device. Once it is locked in place, the wearer is completely controlled by his/her master.


Width 1.6"

Insert 4"+

  • Item #: NBAL8266

Naughty Boy Ass Lock

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