OMG Extreme
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OMG Extreme
OMGE853  -  $89.00

Enjoy all the great features and outstanding design of our best selling OMG Micro Cock Cage, but on steroids! This incredible design features a double cock ring with screw and lock in cage, ball splitter, and amazing comfort. This is a heavy device weighing in at 12.5 ounces, is built for a lifetime of use and, without question, designed for long term wear. The down side is that there is no sex with the upside being that you will look great while not having sex. Dimensions: 2” x 1 1/8 Double cock ring thickness adds ¾” to total length.


Cock Ring Size

Available in your choice of

Small 40mm


Large 50mm

  • Item #: OMGE853

OMG Extreme

Price: $89.00
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