OX-Balls, Nip Pull
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  • OX-Balls, Nip Pull
    New from OXBALLS, NIP PULL
    nipple suckers with real grip!
    NP4634  -  $18.00

  • Ox at Oxballs is very proud of his nipples after all, he has been making them huge for years tugging, twisting, vice grips, weights, getting em chewed on, and don’t even ask what he did to them in Germany last year. Sick of boring snake bite suckers, Ox decided to add create sick looking designs that look as hot as they feel and make sure they actually do suck!. These took a full year to develop, just the right amount of suction, & making sure they grip. NIP PULL has diamond plate raised texture stolen right off our 1970 Ford truck’s bed, giving em good grip when your fingers are covered in lube or load and a loop on the end you or a buddy can use to tug em, hang weights,  or string em up for you bondage boys.

  • Item #: NP4634

OX-Balls, Nip Pull

Price: $18.00
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