Open Sesame
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Open Sesame OP3997 $69.00

Open Sesame is an ingenious design created to help you help yourself. Many men struggle with holes that are too tight to use toys on. The Open Sesame is the answer to your prayers, assuming your prayer is for a hole that can comfortably accommodate bigger toys, bigger cocks, more fingers or whatever your pleasure might be. With its four adjustable wheels, you can go as slowly as you like. After all, what’s the rush when you are having this much fun? Spread ranges from 3/4” spread fully closed all the way up to a mind blowing 3.5” gaping hole. It is definitely something worth working for if that tiny tight hole is holding you back from the fun and pleasure you deserve or you are looking to show off that monster gape. A wonderful design, Heavy duty construction built for serious play.

  • Item #: OP3997

Open Sesame

Price: $69.00
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