Payback Micro
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Payback Micro PM3697 $55.00

Often male chastity is used for punishing men who have strayed off course and been caught. Many couples are indulging in male chastity for purely sexual reasons, including short and long term denial for even better sex with more intense orgasms. While many individual men choose to wear a chastity cage, they keep their hands off the merchandise. This, in turn, leads to the most amazing masturbation sessions when they are allowed to do this. There are so many reasons to wear a cage and, at, the male chastity department offers one of, if not the world’s largest selection of cock cages. The Payback Micro fits the bill for all of the above uses.  It is an incredibly micro cage; one of the world’s smallest and it is coupled with a total comfort fit curved cock ring that is designed to feel great all the time. Stainless steel construction means it is a cage built to last. Under 1” high X 1.25” W





  • Item #: PM3697

Payback Micro

Price: $55.00
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