Penis Gym
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Penis Gym PG5667 $26.00

Is the Penis Gym a real workout? It really is! When we first spotted this product, it caught our eye for a totally different reason than what it is actually best at. We thought it looked like it might be a great way to stretch the shaft, I thought it might just be the ticket to stretching my shaft before I went to the gym. I was so tired of having the tiniest shaft in the locker room. You have all seen the guys that are “growers not showers”.  Sadly, or not, I fall into the grower’s side and, even at that, I am still small. The Penis Gym looked like the answer to my problem, which is that I wanted my shaft to be larger than a little button head. Having it stretched longer while still not walking around the locker room with an erection would be perfect. The Penis Gym does a fantastic job. I wear it on the way to the gym and take it off before I head in. My shaft looks nice and full after a thirty minute workout with the Penis Gym. That was great and all, but the Penis Gym is even better for something all men should be doing. It is the ultimate device for doing your Kegel exercises. Doing a Kegel workout with the Penis Gym is not only fun and very pleasurable, but it is like doing a Kegel on steroids. The Penis Gym is the ultimate tool to isolate the correct muscles for doing your Kegel exercises. There is no more guessing as to whether you are doing them correctly because you can use the Penis Gym to target the muscle so intensely, if you are not sure how to do Kegels; just Google it. You will be amazed at the number of Kegel related material that you will find available on the internet.

You will see it gives you more intense orgasms along with much better control, including when you ejaculate as well as strengthening your bladder control.

Here is how it works:

The Penis Gym is simple and easy to use. The soft silicone sleeve slips over your flaccid or erect shaft. When the wheel is turned, it creates a vacuum with comfortable suction pulling the shaft in and holding it in place. (Yes, it does feel like you are getting the best blow job ever. Just the suction partJ) the adjustable shoulder suspender straps are set for the amount of pull desired and that is it at that point you do the exercises.

  • Item #: PG5667

Penis Gym

Price: $26.00
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