Pineapple Express Butt Plug
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Pineapple Express Butt Plug PE2888 $21.00

Wow! Just imagine a Pyrex glass anal plug with an interesting and extremely stimulating head. We call it the Pineapple Express for obvious reasons, but the story why we are offering it is more interesting. We were ordering our new stainless steel and aluminum style butt plugs and I decided to order a sample of the Pyrex plug for myself. I had no thought of offering them to our customers. I just figured a glass plug would be a pain to ship. To make a long story a little shorter, I received it and loved it! At over 4.25” insert length and 1.5” wide attached to an amazing textured oval head, I spent a full weekend playing with it, sharing it and enjoying the total experience. It was packed very nicely so I figured I would share the fun with the Koala boys and girls. So, I decided to offer it along with all the other new plugs.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

  • Item #: PE2888

Pineapple Express Butt Plug

Price: $21.00
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