Pleasure Dome
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Pleasure Dome PD6666 $229.00

The Pleasure Dome male chastity cage might just be the most extreme design you and I have ever laid eyes on. This is a wickedly sensual cage that can be used on many levels. Whether you are just starting or have years of chastity under your belt, the Pleasure Dome is an extremely fine cage. It can be used for all levels of chastity training, sissy training, and penis submission. The main feature that this completely insane device offers is the multiple adjustable metal pointed shaft screws. Turn-up the heat on that caged shaft, and the lesson learned from these many teachers is that no erection is a good one. The lesson will be learned rather quickly with a device of this magnitude.  The Pleasure Dome is so out there style wise, it might as well have been dropped into your lap from a display at a modern art museum.  Lovers, Masters, Mistresses, wives, husbands, boyfriends, and girlfriends will be amazed by the spectacle of your penis locked in this cage with nowhere to go and no possibility of escape.  This is a substantial cage and, though it might appear expensive if you had it made at a custom shop in the US or Germany; it would end up costing you well over a thousand dollars! 4”L X 2”W


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  • Item #: PD6666

Pleasure Dome

Price: $229.00
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