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Some guys
are looking for the perfect male chastity cock cage to wear in order to subdue
their urges; however, there are some issues with guys having small testicles
not being able to fully experience the world of chastity in all its glory. With
the Rage chastity device, you get the smaller openings for smaller testicles
that will allow you to wear this cage no matter what you might be doing. But
don’t let the thought of needing small testicles stop you from purchasing the
Rage. It works just as well for the advanced users that are used to pulling
their larger testicles through smaller openings. Whatever reason you have for
wearing it, the Rage will keep your cock in complete control until you are
ready to take it off or your owner has deemed you worthy of taking it off.



The Rage Cock Cage isn’t Angry

Just because
the Rage cock cage may sound like an angry device or something that you would
be locked up in to keep you from going on some sort of rampage, it’s not angry
at all. The rage it’s trying to keep tempered is the one in your cock when it
wants to become erect at inopportune moments. Think of it as a babysitter for
your cock and you’ll have a better idea of what this whole chastity thing is
all about.

Many men
have issues with keeping their cocks where they belong; in their pants.
Relationships are broken all the time due to men not being able to keep a rein
on their cocks. The Rage is created to help these men learn why it’s necessary
to stop getting hard every time the wind blows. Even men with teeny weenies
deserve to have a chance to behave themselves. Although these guys have issues
of their own, getting random erections can just add to them. Let the Rage take
care of all of your teeny weeny issues.

It comes
highly recommended especially for those men with clit sized cocks. It’s
designed to use on men just like you. It will keep your cock and your balls in
place and will tamp down on any erection that you may have. That doesn’t mean
it’s an angry device, though. It’s just going to paddle your cock a little when
it tries to misbehave. What more could you ask in a great babysitter? Or maybe
it should be called a cock sitter because it does keep your cock in line when
it really wants to start pointing in the upward direction while you’re staring
at that hot young man in the tight jeans leaning over to make a pool shot. The
Rage will remind you pretty quickly just what you’re trying to accomplish with
wearing it.

  • Item #: R4922


Price: $26.00
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