Shower Blaster
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Shower Blaster

SB7233 - $42.00

When it
comes time to have some anal fun, you have to make sure you are clean. That is
where the Shower Blaster ultimate enema kit comes into play. This wonderful
device fits any standard showerhead and comes with a nozzle, hose, and diverter
standard. Now, you can have a clean bottom while enjoying one of the best
enemas you could ever imagine.



Shower Blaster for a Full On
Cleansing Experience

Anal play is
one of those things that most men just can't understand. They think that any
kind of anal play is a homosexual act in and of itself, but the truth is there
are plenty of straight guys in the world that are finding anal play to be
something they just can't get enough of. Of course, you have to make sure that
you are nice and clean back there before you start getting involved in anal
play. That is where the Shower Blaster accessory comes in handy. Naturally,
this cleaning will require a cleansing enema and that is exactly what you are
going to get.

The Shower
Blaster comes with everything you need to make sure your enema experience is
enjoyable while maintaining the ease of use that you have been hoping for. Most
guys aren't aware of the benefits of having an enema, even if they aren't
looking for the whole anal play aspect to it. But using an item like this will
show you very quickly that you can live a clean and healthy life style without
having to pay for one of those colon cleansing salons to do it for you.

The best
thing about the Shower Blaster is that it fits over any standard showerhead so
that you can get right to your enema without having to swap out the shower head
beforehand. There is no reason why you can't enjoy anal play with yourself or
your partner and having a Shower Blaster in your home will help you get to the
fun a lot quicker. Just think of all the benefits you could have with something
like this and all the fun you could be having after using the Shower Blaster.
Your life is open to a number of exciting possibilities and this is just one of
many that you get the chance to look forward to.

  • Item #: SB7233

Shower Blaster

Price: $42.00
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