Tango Cum/Precum Dam and Head Enlarger
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Tango Cum/Precum Dam and Head Enlarger TC8367 $13.75


This is a truly unique product and something I wish I had years ago! The Tango Cum/Precom Dam is a soft, crystal clear, silicone cock head cover with multiple uses. When I first spotted the Tango, I was completely floored. All those years of Precum wet spots on my sexy spandex suits could have been cured with this. The Tango fits snug and securely over the head of your penis and get you ready for fun and action. It is the perfect addition to any spandex bikini, thong, G-string, tights, or micro shorts. It will keep the wet in with no embarrassing wet spots on your suits. Spend the day on the beach or around the busiest public pools with no worries. We all know how hard it is to keep our cocks from getting wet when wearing that favorite suit. Spandex is erotic and sensual to the touch. When wearing micro designs, it is, in fact, very natural to get wet. It has been happening to me for years. The Tango keeps the wet in with its separate reservoir, the Precum can flow but it will never overflow. There is one other lovely secret that no one else needs to know. Wearing the Tango with any pouch style swimsuit, tights or shorts, will make your cock look much larger. The head will appear to be massive, a very impressive sight indeed and it will stay that way all day long. The Tango can be used with most of our male to female transformation designs. too. The soft structure of the Tango enables the penis to be completely compressed and still no wet spots showing up at inopportune moments.

  • Item #: TC8367

Tango Cum/Precum Dam and Head Enlarger

Price: $13.75
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