Team Mate Male Chastity Cage
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Team Mate Male Chastity Cage TM6973 $49.00

We understand better than most that male chastity device users often have small cocks. Even the ones with more normal sized penises tend to prefer to have them kept compressed and looking small. That said, we believe that a complete male chastity cage collection should include at least a few cages that offer small and medium shafts room to be pretty. Sorry, big cocks, but you are destined to be kept closely caged no matter what size device you use. This is part of the punishment and training men with larger non-use cocks deserve. The Team Mate Male Chastity Cage is a well-made stainless steel cage that is designed to keep you from using your tool. This device makes sure you stay on the path of Team Chastity. Cage dimensions are 3.75”L X 1.5”W


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  • Item #: TM6973

Team Mate Male Chastity Cage

Price: $49.00
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