Tenderizer Ball Crusher
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Tenderizer Ball Crusher

TBC2993 - $87.00

Looking for
a more intense ball crushing experience? Then you might want to check out the
Tenderizer Ball Crusher from Koalaswim.com. While other ball crushers offer you
the unique feeling of crushing the most sensitive part of your body for fun and
enjoyment, the Tenderizer takes things a step further. The aerospace machined
aluminum design offers you the best crushing aspect possible while the textured
base gives you more stimulation where you want it the most. This is the ball
crusher that you are looking for when it comes time to take things to a new
level of enjoyment.


Tenderizer Ball Crusher to Sensitize
Your Balls Every Time

The whole
idea behind ball crushing is the sensitivity of the area that you are putting
through this kind of torture. Every guy knows that their balls are the most
sensitive part of their bodies and having them crushed is something that they
will never forget. But being able to crush them in a way that feels wonderfully
erotic requires a unique and dangerous little toy. The Tenderizer ball crusher
is that toy that you should be using if you really want to see how sensitive
your balls can be while they are being crushed. In fact, that is the only
reason I purchased one a few months ago.

I found that
the typical ball crushing toys out there all did a fabulous job for what they
are designed to do. There is no doubting that I have had hours upon hours of
fun with them, but I was looking for something a bit different. I wanted
something that was not only going to crush my balls, but also give me that
pleasant tingling sensation that you can only get while being crushed in a very
specific way. To do this, you are either going to have to find a Mistress or
Master that knows exactly what they are doing to you or purchase a Tenderizer.

I decided to
go with the Tenderizer in order to see if I could actually handle something
like this on my own. I wanted to know just how far I was willing to take my
quest in finding the perfect crushing utility and whether or not I could handle
it once I did find it. The good news is that I can handle it and I usually do
it a couple times a week now. Of course, it will take some effort to get used
to, but that is all part of the fun of using a ball crusher like the

  • Item #: TBC2993

Tenderizer Ball Crusher

Price: $87.00
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