The Stud
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The Stud  $69.00

The Stud really is a stud! It is a cock ring anal plug combination unlike any other. It is designed to have you perform at your highest level while enjoying a heighten state of arousal. The Stud is over one pound of stainless steel fun waiting to penetrate your ass with its smooth oval shaped ball and chain. The ball is a luxuriously smooth and full 2”x 1.5” size. You will know and love its presence. The cock ring is a very solid chunk of stainless steel that is not only a stunning design, but one that is extremely comfortable to wear. With heft, brawn and beauty, could you ask for anything more from your next Stud?


Small 1.5” Cock Ring

Medium 2.00” Cock Ring

Large 3.00” Cock Ring

  • Item #: TS7229

The Stud

Price: $69.00
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