Timid Puppy
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Timid Puppy
TP4397  -  $89.00

Here is another of our male chastity devices that completes the mission with splitting, separating and rendering useless.

The Timid Puppy is such a perfectly proportioned male chastity cock cage. All the sight lines are exactly as they should be…perfect.  This is a dynamic and ultra-high security cock cage with its double cock ring that both screws and locks in place to create an escape proof environment.  The Timid Puppy is a heavy weight design weighing in at 15+ ounces. At all times, you will know your penis is safe, secure and not ready for action. This cock cage features stainless steel construction that is built for comfortable long term wear and includes an optional use catheter and a built in ball splitter. It sounds like fun to me, too!  Dimensions: 2 ½” x 1 1/8” Double cock ring thickness adds ¾” to total length.


Cock Ring Size

Available in your choice of

Small 40mm


Large 50mm

  • Item #: TP4397

Timid Puppy

Price: $89.00
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