Uncut Male Chastity Cage
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Uncut Male Chastity Cage
UC8377  -  $79.00

The Uncut Male Chastity Cage is, in my opinion, one of the best looking and most completely comfortable units designed to wear for extended periods that I have ever used. I love the uncut cock look of the shaft tube as well as the device being constructed of heavy duty stainless steel. That means that it is built to offer you years of service. With a tube length of 4” and of 1 ¼” wide; it is designed to handle the smallest cock sizes all the way up to an average sized penis. The cock ring is available in 1.8” or 2.1”. Uncut will make a beautiful addition to your male chastity device collection or simply use it as your main chastity choice.

  • Item #: UC8377

Uncut Male Chastity Cage

Price: $79.00
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