Wide Band Head/Shaft ring
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Wide Band Head/Shaft ring
Item #: WBH5837 - $15.00

Available sizes: 1.00”, 1 1/8”, 1 ¼” and 1 3/8”
All sizes are the same price!

This is one of my favorite Head/Shaft rings. I enjoy wearing this design as both a display piece just after my cock head and pulled down further on my shaft toward the balls when I am wearing a cock ring. This combo is extremely erotic and the intensity of your erection just might startle you. Make sure to use a dab of silicone based lube when sliding it down.  Like all our cock rings, this one is made in the USA, created with a loving craftsmanship of heavy duty aerospace grade solid billet aluminum in a brushed satin finish.


Made in the USA

  • Item #: WBH5837

Wide Band Head/Shaft ring

Price: $15.00
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