Zeus Love Plug
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Zeus Love Plug ZL8977 $79.00

Koala offers many different “fuck plug” styles in many shapes and sizes but the new Zeus Love Plug might just be the most unusual of them all, and maybe the most sensuous, too! Most “fuck plug” styles are made of silicone or rubber. These style plugs are made to stretch open the anus with both pleasurable penetration as well as room for adding a toy or a cock to the fun. The Zeus Love Plug does the same exact thing, but with a few huge differences. Whereas the other plugs offer varying degrees of flexibility for easy insertion, the Zeus is made of heavy cast stainless steel and offers no flexibility what-so-ever. This plug is made for adventurous men and women who already have genuine skills in the methods of anal sex. Having those skills opens the door to so much more excitement and pleasure than you have ever known. Zeus is the advanced Love Plug for those select few who can handle this much stimulation.  Dimensions 3.5” insert size X 2.5” at the widest point.

  • Item #: ZL8977

Zeus Love Plug

Price: $79.00
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